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Endeavor was founded for the purpose of coaching others to a higher level of personal fitness and performance, and to act as a single, all-encompassing resource to support those in the pursuit of adventure.  


Our team delivers only the latest in evidence-based fitness and performance coaching programs. As ardent students of the sports and fitness industry, our priority is to ensure the systems and methodologies employed are current, effective and safe. Drawing from formal education and training, as well as personal experience, our instructors create purpose-driven programs designed to meet the expectations and goals of each client.

Our in-house team is complimented by a network of vetted professionals, elite athletes and adventure travelers, spanning myriad industries, athletic disciplines and geographic regions around the world. This ensures that the information and guidance being delivered to our clients is accurate, timely and reflects the highest of industry standards.  Our vast resources and global reach has enabled us to support any client, any pursuit, anywhere in the world.


Adventure is not only our passion, but it is a founding value of our company and is embedded in everything we do. From our coaching programs to our expedition preparedness and consulting packages, our mission is to empower others to push their limits and pursue a more intrepid life. At Endeavor, we want to be a part of your adventure, accompanying you along the way  - from step one, to your step into the unknown.


As a representative of the travel, outdoor recreation and sports medicine communities, Endeavor is committed to treating every client with respect and dignity, and too fostering an environment which promotes safety, positivity and community.

Thank you for visiting Endeavor.

- Michael W. Pukish



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